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Athlete Treatment and Recovery in Lake Park, Florida

Achieve the sobriety you need to get back in the game. Contact Athletes in Recovery in Lake Park, Florida, to receive all-out assistance in athlete treatment and recovery.

We provide information and support for athletes with drug, alcohol, and substance abuse problems.  We provide information about upcoming events and pertinent news in the field of athleticism, drug abuse, and the recovery process. We will let you know about available treatment options if are suffering through these kinds of conditions, providing help and support to make it through.
By coming here, you are already taking a step in the right direction. You are showing that you desire to face your problems and recover your life from controlling substances. You are not alone, there is a place you can come to find others that are dealing with the same issues you face. Here at AIR, everyone is an Athlete in Recovery.

Please check here frequently for upcoming recovery events. This allows you to meet new people in similar situations, expanding your recovery network. Events will be held nationwide.

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